EUROPEN brand has been established and launched 1st January 1999 when the Euro currency was first introduced to the world financial markets.This occasion has been chosen for the launch of EUROPEN mainly due to the underlying concept of delivering value for money within markets.  This concept has been designed to convey the following message:  EUROPEN as trademark is a combination of “Euro” EU currency + “Pen” that conveys the idea that value for money is present in our writing instruments

Europen is the leading brand in fine writing instruments as well as luxury accessories. Our team in EUROPEN : design, develop, manufacture & distribute a wide range of fine writing instruments including Fountain pens, Ball pens, Roller pens, Mechanical pencils as well as promotional & gift sets. EUROPEN has been established to deliver high quality pens and gift sets with competitive prices and high quality as well as attractive packaging. Our items are very attractive for end users (B2C) as well as companies for their promotional use (B2B). The EUROPEN team is mainly dedicated to support & protect the image of the brand in its true form, our idea is one of quality, marketing, and exceptional customer service

We use best material and precise machinery as well as human eyes and craft in our production line. 1-Latest CNC machines for moulding and machine working. 2-Mould injection, 3-Painting line, 4-Semi automatic assembly, 5-Automatic refill production

Fine materials and latest machinery as well as permanent quality inspection give us enough confidence to have no-question guarantee against manufacturing defects on all EUROPEN items. Our QC department uses latest testing tools for quality control in production line. In spite of our modern QC laboratory, we also regularly send our items to UKAS approved labs in UK.  Approval of our items by the most professional and well-known labs as well as our multiple in-production quality checks give us enough confident to claim all EUROPEN items are %100 guaranteed against manufacturing defects

Our marketing strategies can be broadly listed as below: •        Extreme flexibility and using retailers’ store and their space for presenting our brand and items including fully or partly decoration of their shops free of charge, widely distribution of our show cabins and counters, •       Strong satisfaction of retailers in term of product range, payment term, quality and guarantee, customer service plus additional motivating gifts and parties. •        Strong presentation of our brands in exhibitions. •       Heavy advertisement in TV, Radio, Magazine and Newspaper and occasionally on billboards.

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