We have been engaged in promotion business since 1920 and we love what we do!  One of the most important categories in the promotional product market is writing instruments and we are proud to be one of the leading suppliers in this market. In 2014, we have served customers in 88 countries. Most likely we are one of the most international suppliers in the promotional product market and probably one of the most successful selling at the same time.  Our ultimate bestselling product is the SUPER HIT, which sold 39,5 mill. pieces in 2014 worldwide. In this particular year we sold more than 235,4 mill. writing instruments. A tremendous figures, because if one would lay down all of them one after the other the result will be a distance of 35,311 kilometres which is almost one time around the world. We cordially thank all of our sales partners around the world for this incredible joint success!  At senator® we believe that a promotional product needs to perfectly fit the design DNA of the brand it represents. That’s why we strive to offer more choice than others do. Our claim is not to do just the ordinary thing, but always to be “extramoredinary“, – which is to be extraordinary with more value.  If it happens to be that you miss a needed thing, we would be more than happy to take this as an opportunity to offer even more choice than we have today. Because that‘s what we really love to do!

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