1888 BEFORE THE INK IS DRY. GEORGE SAFFORD PARKER ESTABLISHES THE PARKER PEN COMPANY. At a time when short life pens and ink leakage are two major problems in the writing industry, George Safford Parker is determined to change the face of writing

 1894 GO LUCKY CURVE! Breaking news: Parker patents the Lucky Curve, a system whereby ink is returned to the reservoir by capillary action and ink leakage is greatly reduced

 THE ROARING TWENTIES The Parker Company launches the Duofold fountain pen. Known as the ‘Big Red’, it is at once the most contemporary pen of its time, but also the most prestigious and expensive. A stylish look that still turns heads today.

Although the ballpoint pen emerged in the mid-forties, Parker waits until this date to complete the collection with Parker Jotter, the first quality ballpoint pen with a large refill. It was definitely worth the wait.

The Sonnet represents a veritable best seller. Inspired by great models of the past, it sensitively incorporates new, cutting edge technology.

 2011 NEW WRITING TECHNOLOGY 2011 A new age in pen innovation has arrived. Parker Ingenuity stuns the writing world with its unique, groundbreaking Parker 5THTM technology.

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